The Lords of Salem: Review

Rob Zombie has done it again. He's taken great concept and turned it into a pointless music video with stunning visuals that are desperately seeking a plot. The perplexingly named The Lords of Salem (because its about female witches) starts well enough with a grainy film look that reminds one of the classic if schlocky 70s horror film. It's clearly an ode to the devil/witch movies like The Omen, Susperia, The Wicker Man and especially Rosemary's Baby, but here, all bets are placed on Sheri Moon, Zombie's muse and wife. Unfortunately both are overconfident in her abilities as an actress and an anchor for a film.

The long, slow camera pans, washed out light, and haunting music establish the creepy atmosphere, but the storytelling stalls and eventually is abandoned in favor of wild, artistic visions. Which is fine but this is still a movie and not an art exhibit. I appreciated the mature direction Zombie was going in, the many great concepts he introduced, and the unsettling moodiness but ultimately the film misses the mark and becomes obnoxiously frustrating.