Are you Drawn to the Dark?

Hello, Boils and Ghouls! My name is Chris Kullstroem. I'm a writer from Connecticut and currently conducting a global research project on dark-themed events around the world. Venturing into new realms, I'm dedicating the next two years to looking at haunted attractions, tour companies, character groups and other themed events, and the creative ways they're serving the people of their communities. This project is for my next book, "Drawn to the Dark: Enhancing Community Health through Dark-Themed Tourism."

The Halloween focus of my writing began with a series of articles I wrote for Halloween websites back in 2007. I wanted to give adults ideas on how they could create unique Halloween events based on their own particular interests, skills and imagination. The articles soon grew into a series of books, entitled Making a Monstrous Halloween (McFarland, 2009), Monster Parties and Games (McFarland, 2009) and Deadly Roles: Interactive Games of Murder & Mystery (Oak Tree Press, 2011). My new book project aims to teach those who run, volunteer and attend dark-themed events how these events can be more than entertaining; they can also serve as outlets for people to thrive, on both individual and collective levels. Some of these features include incorporating social interaction and physical activity into events, while others deal with incorporating charitable giving and supporting local businesses. This past spring and summer of 2013, I gave seminars on this topic at conferences around the United States and Canada. I'm now very excited to expand this research and teachings to additional haunting realms around the globe, and am particularly looking forward to meeting people who would like to include their own events and stories in the book.

To check out this mad endeavor, please visit my website at For those who would like to get involved, "Drawn to the Dark" is also currently raising funds on Kickstarter. The project launched on Friday the 13th in September, and will conclude on Halloween night. To become a member of the monstrous, haunting family and help fund this project, please visit