Halloween Icon Mash-Ups

In making a demon witch prop for my yard haunt this year, I've inadvertently started a heated debate with some of my ghoul fiends. The argument arose over whether I should "pick a lane" and either make a demon or a witch, but by merging two icons of Halloween, I am bringing disorder and dishonor.

After some brief research on my favorite mask shop (Trick or Treat Studios), I came across these Halloween mash-up masks that seem to combine at least two big concepts. It seems to me that mash-ups when done right are quite spectacular. (Don't even get me started on Steampunk which is the very definition of a mash-up.)

Frankenstein meets Skeleton:

Leatherface meets Clown:

Dia de los Muertos meets Zombie:

Ghoul meets Pumpkin meets Candy Bag


Wings1295 said…
The 2nd and 4th ones are damn creepy, if you ask me!
Señor Scary said…
That Leatherface clown literally haunts my dreams now. Eek.