Laboratory of the Zombie Pumpkins

Cool pumpkin patterns are a rare breed but luckily, Zombie Pumpkins continues to be the best destination for patterns year after year. And to keep things fresh, every year a new theme for the site is introduced – that's a lot of work. This year it's the Laboratory of the Zombie Pumpkins complete with an electrified logo.

Here are a few of my favorite patterns for 2013. Memberships run from $2 (for limited downloads) to $20 for the whole catalog, VIP patterns, and a donation to charitable organization.

While you're there, visit the The Shocking Shop where you can pick up a sturdy pro pumpkin carving kit with a variety of blades (not like those cheap plastic kits from the grocery store), the Stick 'n Carve transfer sheets featured yesterday, and even a great looking glow-in-the-dark shirt with the current theme.