My Scary Party

Many Halloween parties will be happening today and I hope you're better prepared than I am. I've been busy working on decorating the porch, the house, and strategizing a rather large menu. I'm hosting a cocktail hour then party crawling (guests and all) to the even bigger party of Britta Peterson, Webmistress of the Dark. I'm using my party to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a while, share some good food that I now rarely get to eat, and to get ready for the main event. Here's my invite and menu.

The invitation features original artwork by UK artist Shane Oakley who graciously allowed me to use his witch in altered form on this invitation. Visit his site for some fantastic comic strip art and illustration – much of which is available for sale! Thank you so much Shane, and Happy Halloween!


Ghoul Friday said…
Looks great! Have a blast tonight. I host my gathering tomorrow night. So raise a glass for me while I grocery shop and prep dishes ;)

Señor Scary said…
Thank you Ghoul Friday. It's 2am and I just finished the first round of clean-up. I hope you have a fantastic gathering and enjoy the best of the season. BEAST WISHES!