New Halloween Music for 2013

Happy October! Let's welcome the best month of the year with a few Terror Tunes! Halloween playlists can get a little stale but unfortunately original music for the season is very rare (or rarely any good). Luckily, this year a few notable releases have crept out of the darkness. Here's a sampling of some of our favorites.

Welcome to the Horror Show
by Sam Haynes
Our favorite album of the season is this second release from UK artist Sam Haynes. It's a darkly atmospheric collection of dark electro horror perfect for Halloween haunts or background party music. The vibe varies from ultra creepy to downright dance-y, and there's a definitive 70s and 80s horror movie feel that permeates many tracks. Take a listen to the two versions of Ghost House to get a sense of the spectrum or listen to the entire album at (where you can download all 18 tracks for $5!!!). It's also available at the iTunes Store and Amazon.

Way of the Wicked
by Halloween at High Noon
High Noon Records has released another great collection of original instrumental/ambient/dub Halloween music called Way of the Wicked. Like the other releases in the Halloween at High Noon series, this music is perfect background music for a haunt, hipster party or even while working on props in the garage. The music evokes dreamy atmosphere when stripped of vocals and lets the imagination wander into darked recesses of the mind. Songs take on a driving, forward momentum, and ever so often, samples from movies are thrown in for interest. Check out the tracks Dead Dimension, Nightmare Santanico, The Dark Tide and (Don't Stop) The Rot. It's available to download at Amazon or the iTunes Store.

Halloween Haunts
by The Howler/Various Artists
This family-friendly album is an eclectic grab bag of original songs and the dream child of San Diego based Albert Martino, aka The Howler. The styles vary from rockabilly to dance to blues and metal - all on one album. There's something here to recommend for fans of Monster Mash, Oingo Boingoand or even Nightmare Before Christmas. The songs do tend to be slightly repetitive lyrically but that's perfect for kids who want to sing along. Standouts include Skeleton Bones, Witches Brew and The House at the End of the Street. For more information visit and download at CDBaby or the iTunes Store.

by Sharon Needles
Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season Four, Sharon Needles is the official Drag Queen of Halloween. She put out a Halloween-ready dance album waaaaaaaaay back in January of this year (?!?). Even with the specific demographic in mind and a voice thinner than wet tissue paper, the album is a lot of fun. Check out the tracks This Club is a Haunted House (deep house a la Dead or Alive), Call Me on the Ouija Board (whimsical), and Why Do You Think You Are Nuts? (a punky Rock Lobster and the best Halloween party song of 2013). If you are not familiar with Sharon Needles, take a look at the video for This Club is a Haunted House. The album is available at the iTunes Store and Amazon.


Unknown said…
Great choices! The only thing that puts me in a better mood for Halloween than spooky music is going down to my favorite haunted houses in NJ and really experiencing a good scare.. and a great time! I mean when else during the year do you get to feel that?
Señor Scary said…
Hi Sean, Email me some info on your haunt and I'll throw up a post: myscaryblog at icloud dot com
Unknown said…
Señor Scary said…
This is a great song and video by Bubbles Erotica. Find more about them at