One Dark Halloween Night

My name is John Kohlbrenner, author of One Dark Halloween Night. I am here to talk to you about Halloween and my ebook for Kindle. Halloween is the second most popular holiday in America, yet it barely has any fictional mythology to it. Yes you can say any scary story fits this holiday, but what is the definitive Halloween story? You could say it’s The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, but the book while very good, is a kid’s history lesson on the holiday. Or John Carpenter’s Halloween which is a well-made serial killer movie but utilizes Halloween merely as a backdrop. So there's a void out there needing to be filled. I hope my novel will help fill that gap. The story is about a young boy who discovers that monsters are real and enlists his best friends to help save his town from the dangers of Halloween night. The ebook is now available at Amazon. Check out the video preview below and find out more at

John Kohlbrenner a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder and went on to work in the film industry for 11 years in post production doing sound FX for movies. During this time he wrote dozens of unpublished short stories and scripts. Afterwards with the birth of his daughter, he became a stay-at-home dad and finally had time to write his first novel, One Dark Halloween Night, which came about from all those fun Halloween nights trick-r-treating with her.


  1. Ok, you had me at the title. I just bought it for my kindle. Thanks.

  2. I was gifted the book last week by my wife. Currently reading the novelization of Carpenter's Halloween, but once I am done with that, this is next on my to-read list!


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