Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Witches of East End: Pilot Review

It's literally the season of the witch and Lifetime premiered their new soapy supernatural drama about a witchy family. While there's some notable standouts in the cast (none of which had chemistry with each other), the show itself was a conflicted mess that didn't set a strong tone out of the gate (funny? scary? sultry?). The pilot insisted on setting up many vague storylines (only a few interesting ones) becoming dense with narrative and character overload. Sure, introducing a new world means an initial set up, but a more successful plan is to introduce stories in tiered levels throughout the first few weeks, giving the show a chance to slowly unfurl and spread its roots. This pilot was jam packed with too many mysteries that will presumably be explained throughout the season. But rather than ambitious on comes across as amateurish, and worst of all not very fun or entertaining. With a truly groundbreaking show like American Horror Story: Coven starting today, the comparison will be inevitable and likely throw a pail of water on this show.