ThanksKilling: The Musical

Happy Turkie Day!?!

After the kids and grandparents are soundly tucked away for the evening, perhaps a late-night horror movie will settle your overfilled gullet. There aren't many Thankgiving-themed horror movies, but if you can appreciate cheesy, raunchy, grade Z, puppet mayhem you must check out ThanksKilling (available on iTunes) and ThanksKilling 3 (available on Amazon Prime and iTunes). Yup, those irreverent geniuses skipped part 2 since most horror sequels suck, and the third movie in franchises tend to jump the shark altogether. Thankskilling 3 features not only "Turkie" from the first movie but a host of other puppets – sort of like a low-brow, post-apocalyptic and bloody Avenue Q (the Broadway show with naughty puppets).

In a bizarre twist, the movie has leapt from screen to stage with ThanksKilling: The Musical brought to you by the wonderfully twisted folks at Balagan Theatre company.
Balagan's off-kilter answer to the "traditional holiday show" is raunchier and wrong-er than ever with the world premiere of ThanksKilling the musical, based on the eponymous cult-hit film about a possessed turkey on a deadly mission to avenge his tortured ancestors. 
It opens tomorrow, November 29 and runs through December 14th at the Cornish Playhouse Studio in Seattle.

Let this all sink in and head over to the kitchen for another piece of pie.