Here Comes The Devil: Review

It starts with an inexplicable and raunchy lesbian sex scene that sets the grimy, 70s exploitation-like tone. Next we meet a family at a rest stop where the kids go play in a nearby hill and disappear. Thus ensues the mystery and mess that is Here Comes the Devil, a popular Mexican film that’s swept up awards on the festival circuit. Laura Caro is convincing as the distraught mother who will stop at nothing to find out what happened to her children, but then there’s an atrocious act of violence so unbelievable that it casts a pall on the rest of the film. The movie returns to a familiar road but there’s awkward pacing interspersed with schlocky moments and telenovela face zoom-ins. I was hoping the parts would add up, capitalize on a truly frightening concept, and deliver a grand finale – but it's just not that kind of film. It’s a turgid collection of oddities going in many directions, and it’s not a complete failure. There’s a steady, moody pulse, and an unrelenting and unnerving creepiness that is effective, making the movie feel more scary than it actually is. Fans of weird, foreign movies may like the supernatural edge, and art house junkies who like to fill-in the majority of the blanks may appreciate it as well.

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