Nurse: Review

Nurse is campy, so-bad-it's-good, and stars a crazed nurse who struts around bottomless (but not topless) while doing unspeakable things with hospital implements. It's dark humor, extreme gore, and over-the-top grind house tone is definitely not for everyone (most?) – but for a few, this film will be a non-stop, thoroughly entertaining, and senseless ride.

Paz de la Huerta is perfectly cast as the nurse whose mission is to cure the world of cheating husbands by seducing them and then killing them. Her affected performance is so off kilter, purposeful, and ultimately creepy, especially towards the middle when her obsession with a pretty blonde intern reaches a fever pitch. But nothing in this film is meant to be taken seriously for even a second. It also stars a wacky Judd Nelson (!), the always-funny Niecy Nash (from Reno 911), and Boris Kodjoe, a former male model, who is dressed like a male model, and gives every line a sultry "Blue Steel" delivery. It's hilarious and the very definition of a cult film. It's recommended only for horror buffs who love cheesy movies and find this poster utterly compelling: