[REC] 4

[REC] and [REC] 2 where two of the best horror films to come from Spain. The story revolves around a group of people quarantined in an apartment building where a strange virus emerges. It was also one of the few good examples of the "found footage" approach since it features a plucky TV reporter and her crew documenting the horrific events. The sequel took that zombie concept established in the first film and blew it wide open with an unexpected supernatural angle. And now [REC] 4: Apocalypse  (coming this October) finally completes the trilogy that director Jaime Balaguero wanted to tell. (REC3: Genesis oddly sidestepped the main storyline and has a very different tone. It was not as scary and rather superfluous.)

Incidentally, [REC] yielded the excellent shot-for-shot American remake Quarantine but avoid the terrible American sequel that veered into SyFy cheese, permanently killing off the franchise.