Pottery Barn Halloween 2014

Pottery Barn continues to impress with their incredible (and incredibly pricy) Halloween collection. This year seems to be dedicated to dragons and medieval themes! If you like hosting Halloween parties (and have an unlimited bank account), this is the site you'll want to check often over the next few weeks as it take them a while to unveil the entire collection. And if you are so inclined, order early since they sell out fast. Take a look!


  1. Party Barn Kids has their stuff up too! Yay!

  2. Pottery Barn's Halloween is actually a grown-up goth girl's dream. If one buys the items for a one night Halloween party, they are quite pricey; but, if, like me, you use the Walking Dead ice bucket as a flower vase and leave it out all year long, it isn't so bad 👻

    1. This is a great observation of amortization at work. Cost per use of an expensive item definitely adds to its overall value. Plus your house sounds AWESOME!


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