The Great Horror Campout ~ Summer Tour 2014

Those who are not satisfied by simply seeing horror films can finally experience one first hand. Making its way across the West Coast this summer is The Great Horror Campout, a 12-hour, overnight extreme adventure where campers can chose either a Low Octane or High Octane (more extreme) experience. Activities include the standard camping fare (bonfires, singalongs, roasting marshmallows) but then the Hell Hunt begins as creatures/psychos descend upon the camp to chase, bleed on, cage up, bury, or otherwise terrorize campers – all night long. If things get too intense, there's even a safe word and the horror subsides. For more timid campers there's also a "Chicken Zone" where you can safely observe the shenanigans without actually partaking in the terror. At the end of the event, the Camp Headmaster crowns one Hellmaster as the winner.

This sound terrifyingly AWESOME!?! Here are the upcoming dates:

July 11 & 12 – San Francisco, CA (Dang it! I missed it!)
July 18 & 19 – Sacramento, CA
July 25 & 26 – Seattle, WA
August 1 & 2 – Portland, OR
August 15 & 16 – San Diego, CA
August 22 & 23 – San Bernardino, CA

Tickets range from $99 to $139 per person for shared tents of 4 people. For more information, visit The Great Horror Campout site.

(Editor's Note: If any readers have attended this event, please email me. I want to hear about your experience!)

Thanks to Terror Troy for the great tip on this fun sounding event! We're on for next year and there will be NO Chicken Zone for us!