The Halloween Retail Season Starts Today!

The embers from last night's fireworks may still be warm, but the Halloween season is now upon us. July 5th is the unofficial start of the Halloween retail season. With Christmas hogging store aisles from October to December, Halloween merchandise begins to sneak into stores as early as July, with September being the high season (though most marketing is delayed until after the Back-to-School blitz in August). In 2013, 158 million consumers celebrated Halloween, spending nearly $7 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. Here's a couple of comparisons from the 2013 survey:
70% of consumers planned on buying Halloween decorations   <- Winner 
69% of consumers planned on buying Christmas decorations

95% of consumers planned on buying Halloween candy   <- Winner 
91% of consumers  planned on buying Easter candy 
Halloween is a consumer juggernaut! Take a look at the infographic below for an interesting overview of the the 2013 Halloween retail season. 


  1. That's pretty interesting... We have found one store so far with it's Halloween stuff on display ( Garden Ridge)


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