Under The Dome, Season 2: Review

Under The Dome and my DVR are now officially split up. Season 1 was quite rocky, and in the unforgivable tradition of Lost, brought up more questions than answers then veered into absurdity. Unfortunately, Season 2 has slipped further down that hole. The dialogue is so unnatural, and the highly uneven cast struggles to make any sense (what I call the "I!ACT!NOW!" method). While I like the quirky/hissy new science teacher (because the show apparently needs more characters), her sudden appearance and rise to the head of the class reemphasis that the show has surpassed the plausible. Other examples: The DJ is now a cop, in full uniform! It's raining blood (how biblical)! The diner is open for casual dining and folks look quite relaxed, even when a character stumbles in and declares the main waitress/protagonist has been murdered! Oh, there's now an ax murder! And only the Microsoft Surface that everyone suddenly owns gets internet access! Suspension of disbelief is already working overtime on the invisible dome, cows cut in half, and the lack of government involvement on the other side of the dome.

By contrast, in Stephen King's book it takes exactly one week from the dome coming down for the town to go b@tsh!t crazy. The evil people get more evil, the crazy people get more crazy, and the religious fanatics get more fanatical. (It's a classic read that fans must take on.) I didn't think the concept would work as an ongoing series and sure enough, it doesn't. The weight of the improbable elements, new characters, and the lack of urgency/momentum are killing this show. It was never designed to be a series, and kudos to the production team to trying to expand the universe of the book. It just doesn't work. Four episodes in, I stopped in mid-episode and deleted the series. There's more compelling genre shows out there.

The picture below perfectly captures the problem with the series: let's throw everything AND the kitchen sink at the dome and see what sticks. Maybe some will find it amusing and Mysterious, although really, we just have a big, dumb mess on our hands.