Haunted TV Shows

The doldrums of late summer have brought a flurry of haunted TV shows. If you are a fan of the interview/re-enactment paranormal shows, you are in luck! Speaking of which, still no news on whether Paranormal Witness has been picked up for a fourth season. Season 3 premiered last June and we're now in August!

A Haunting, Season 7
Sundays 10/9C on Destination America
This longstanding show, which took a three year break, got a new production team, and a new network is back from the dead for Season 7. Let the paranormal shenanigans begin.

My Haunted House, Season 2
Saturdays 9/8C on LMN (formerly Lifetime)
It's a bit more melodramatic than A Haunting (if that possible) but not as tightly directed as Paranormal Witness. Still, as spooky shows go, it's a killer entertainment.

The Unexplained Files, Season 2
Tuesdays at 10/9C on Science Channel
The second season of this interesting series examines seemingly supernatural phenomena and attempts to explain it with like, science and stuff. Sure no one likes a wet blanket thrown on the fun but sometimes, they can't come up with scientific explanations – and you know what that means! The season opener is called "The Real Story Behind The Exorcist" which makes it the MUST WATCH of the week.


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