Grandin Road Does It Again

Happy Labor Day! Today we celebrate the contributions workers have made to businesses across America. Unfortunately, some of those workers are totally being ripped off. 

I've been a proponent of Grandin Road since they are one of the few retailers that goes all out for Halloween. Last year I purchased some full-sized zombie figures that were ultimately revealed to be unlicensed, uncredited, and direct replicas of another artist's work. When the artist went public with his allegations, Grandin Road threatened legal action. Nice job! It turns out that the year before the same thing happened with another artist's design, and once again, this year it happened AGAIN (see below). For more information, visit ShellHawk's Nest.

All the artists in question posted their work online to share with the Halloween community. As a amateur yard haunter, I rely on these kinds of tutorials to learn new techniques, get inspiration, and learn how to tackle my own projects. It's important to give credit to those artists who inspire you and never steal someone else's work. It's the right thing to do (even if it's somewhat legally ambiguous). It's clear that movies, music, and books are all copyright-protected so why not Halloween artist's work? (For helpful articles, stock letters, and more visit

Unfortunately, some businesses operate with questionable ethics and they are making money from other's work without credit or reparations. It can be argued that work posted online without any kind of copyright is ripe for the picking from the unscrupulous. And since big business has a team a lawyers, how can one independent artist possibly defend themselves? The alternative is not posting anything online, which is a shame, because then we all lose out. Part of the joy of Halloween is sharing what is created with others as a way to celebrate our favorite holiday. 

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  1. That really is a shame. I've purchased products from them before.


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