Thursday, September 4, 2014

Martha Stewart's 2014 Halloween Issue Cancelled

According the incredibly resourceful Martha Moments blog, there was a planned 2014 Halloween issue of the venerable Martha Stewart Living magazine. Unfortunately, it looks like those plans may have been scrapped, and hopefully, the new Halloween content will be folded into the October issue.

Business analysts have spouted that the Martha Stewart Living magazine is on track for disappearing over the next 1-2 years. Already the magazine is now only publishing 10 times a year, but some like the founder of the Martha Moments blog, Andrew Ritchie, have suggested that the magazine would likely step down to either 6 bi-monthly issues a year or even a quarterly issue, rather than disappearing entirely. Without a strong TV presence and the numerous legal imbroglio, the Martha brand may be in jeopardy but ardent fans will continue to support her. It's a shame – no one else does Halloween quite like Martha!
The special Halloween issues have become collector's items and are almost impossible to find. 
You can download a couple of these issues through the Martha Stewart Living and apps for iPad.