Z Nation: Snap Judgement Review

Z Nationwhich debuted this weekend on SyFy, will face immediate comparisons to The Walking Dead, which is not fair, since it clearly doesn't have any specific standards of quality, and is more focused on being a dumb, adrenalin-fueled, so-bad-it's-good action series. The story revolves around a rag-tag group of survivors trying to get the single man with the antidote to that place called California. Siri, directions to "California." Yes, it's from the makers of Sharknado, but not all of SyFy's series programming is this offensively juvenile. Z Nation has some interesting casting choices, a subtle slapstick tone that isn't quite funny, super fast zombies (a la 28 Days Later), and lots of CGI bloodshed with zombies whose makeup seemingly consists of smeared toothpaste. The pilot really lost me with the character of The Baby. I'm no militant, MPAA-loving traditionalist but I will say that turning a baby into an intelligent, stalking zombie-baby shows pretty bad taste. (Tip to producers: Don't show the cute baby before the inexplicable zombie transformation then possibly the absurd zombie baby would have been tolerable.) The 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake also had a zombie baby but that dreadful moment was one of the most powerful in the film. Here, it's played for laughs and it just falls flat. Obviously, this series has set its sights on a very specific audience that I'm guessing is obnoxious teenage boys who engage in things like fart-bombs and snot-play. How ever low your expectations are for Z Nation, I would recommend to lower them much, much further.