It's time for WICKED OCTOBER

It's time for WICKED OCTOBER – only 30 days until Halloween! 

Preparations for the Avenue of Horrors are underway, and in the meantime here's a sneak peek at the creepy crawlies yet to come! This Spider Wreath (my original design soon to be stolen by Grandin Road for their 2015 collection) is the first thing to go up – and it's positively toxic!


  1. Happy October!

    I've stopped shopping Grandin Road because of you mentioning their tendency to steal ideas.

    1. Grandin Road is really disappointing. I'd wish they would address the fervent Halloween community but 1) They don't think we exist, 2) They don't think we shop or spend any money on Halloween, and 3) They believe we are not their main audience. Foolishness across the board. They also can't accept responsibility because that would expose them to liability. They could easily talk to the original creators, throw them some licensing money (which usually isn't much), and feature them on their site. How easy would that be?

    2. I actually prefer to buy items that have the creator names attached to it. I think it would be interesting if a company not only admitted finding inspiration from the Halloween community but even featured the original idea and the making into a mass-marketed product.


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