Pumpkin Flavored Overload

It never ceases to amaze me how much pumpkin-flavored products appear every year. I think the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte sort of started the trend and now there are hundreds of products from Eggo waffles to Hershey Kisses to Kahlua Pumpkin Spice. This is my pumpkin haul from my recent weekly errands. Highlights include Danielle's pumpkin chips, Frontera's Chipotle Pumpkin Salsa, Twinings Pumpkin Spice Chai (smells just like a candle Illuminations used to carry – remember them?), and Sticky Fingers Pumpkin Spice Scones. I've hit my yearly allowance for processed foods in one trip.


  1. You forgot Pinnacle's Pumpkin Spice Vodka! Thankfully, the rumored "Pumpkin Spice Condoms" turned out to be just a rumor.

    Your fellow 2014 Cryptkeeper,
    Richard @ pureblather.com
    (who prefers the smell of burning leaves to pumpkin spice)

    1. I haven't tried Pinnacle's yet. The other pumpkin liquors have all been... unusual. My friend forwarded that latex hoax and I died laughing. Seriously, EVERYTHING is pumpkin spice flavored nowadays. Not that I'm complaining. I just polished off a box of Entenmann's Pumpkin Donuts.


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