Toxic Cupcakes

Three years in a row I've won a Creepy Cuisine award at the amazing Eerie Elegance Halloween Party. It was held this past Saturday and you must take a look at the eerie trailer created for the party. Very fun!

Below is my winning entry: Toxic Cupcakes! It's one of my favorite recipes for a Lemon Blueberry cake. I separated the batter adding fewer smashed blueberries and green gel dye to one batch and left the other plain. The green batter went into the cup first then I topped it with regular batter. I pulled up some of the green batter from the bottom with a fork. After baking some of the green batter stained the tops and looked like mold. I then cored and filled each cupcake with lemon curd, and topped it with a dollop of lemony cream cheese frosting. (Citrus is so unexpected in the Autumn, right?) When you peeled the wrapper, you see all the spoiled green cake – gross! (Recipe will be on site soon.)