Toxic Spider Attack 2014

My theme for my Halloween porch haunt this year is Toxic Spider Attack, inspired by Stephen King's IT (there's a big spider thing behind Pennywise the clown), the 1950's monster movies like THEM!, and because I've been a fan of The Cure's Lullaby since 1989. I've been wanting to improve upon my previous spider display from 2007, and thanks to Britta Webmistress of the Dark and Ghoulish Glen I have a new interest in prop building with years of experience and ideas on call. I built the big spider with chicken wire, paper mache, and pool noodles (that was Britta's brilliant idea), with webs made from beef netting (thanks to the tips and resources from the amazing Lynne and Shawn Mitchell of How To Haunt Your House)! Thankfully spiders are one of the few insects that don't completely terrify me, although I didn't like looking in my spider's eyes (I literally had it face the corner of the garage). Here's a few pics with a full gallery coming to soon.

Have a SCARY Halloween!!!


  1. I just started following your blog a couple of months ago and I love it! These decorations are amazing!

  2. Beautiful job! The lighting is especially fantastic.

    1. Thank you FryKitty. I studied theater lighting in college and this is how I use my degree now. Haha!


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