What is KRAMPUS?

In some European countries Christmas is celebrated as either Saint Nicholas Day (December 6th) or The Feast of Saint Nicholas (December 19th) and Saint Nicholas comes to town to reward all the good children. However, all the bad children have to contend with the Krampus – a horned creature, covered in black hair, with cloven hooves and a pointed tongue. He travels alongside Saint Nicholas and misbehaved children get whipped with birch branch, while bad children get hauled off to be drowned, eaten, or taken to the underworld. The Krampus origin is unclear, but festivals often include Krampages (runs) with wandering Krampus figures lingering about the festivities who are encouraged to terrify children.

In the aftermath of the Austrian Civil War, the Krampus tradition was prohibited and in the 1950s, even the government got involved and sparked debate of whether the imagery was appropriate for children. Needless to say the Krampus tradition never took off in America where St. Nicholas was reinvented into the jolly, red-suited Santa Claus we know and love today (Coca Cola is often credited for searing this image into our cultural consciousness in the 1930s). The Krampus resurgence however is underway as anti-Christmas sentiment is steadily growing in the country.

It's great timing for Michael Dougherty (director and writer of the fantastic TRICK ‘R TREAT) who plans to surprise bad Christmasgoers next year, not a lump of coal but a feature film called KRAMPUS, a twisted seasonal comedy opening December 4, 2015. Take a look at these brilliant Gif Cards and start counting the days. See the full announcement at Bloody Disgusting! (I wonder if this means that Trick 'r Treat 2 will be delayed another year?)

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