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iZombie Premieres Tonight

Do you LOVE zombie shows but can’t stand all that gratuitous gore or depressing drama – and miss Veronica Mars ? Then the CW’s new show iZombie is inexplicably perfect for you. It's based loosely on a short-lived comic book of the same name, but gone are the comic's quirkier elements like a 1960s ghost pal and a were-terrier friend. In the TV show, the main character eats the brains of the recently deceased, gains their memories and uses them to solve crimes. While the original source material sounds more fun, I suppose TV land needs one more crime procedural – this time with a teen cast. The reviews have been generally favorable and cite Rose McIver's performance as the pilot's bright spot but I would brush up on your millennial speak: teeds, yaaas for sure, but mabs ur fomo should myw.  :: /

Insidious Chapter 3's Teaser Poster

The once promising INSIDIOUS franchise is unleashing Chapter 3 this May and to build suspense, we get this poster with hard-to-read red lettering saying something Important Loudly – and a vent. A VENT! Look at the way it just sits there on that grimy, grey wall... all flat and stuff... with its two stupid screws. So SINISTER!!! I've made my own movie poster and I think it's just as good.

Boo-Boos Bandages

If you are the kind of person who likes display open flesh wounds for fun – and who doesn’t? – this is for you! A brilliant mad scientist (engineer, actually) from Oakland, CA named $hërwøõd Förlêé has a Kickstarter campaign for Boo-Boos Bandages . While it sounds cute, the adhesive bandages are sure to turn any stomach with seriously grotesque and highly graphic bandages to cover up those pesky paper cuts and dull knife kitchen stabbings that happen when making nachos. So why would anyone wear these? If you don't mind a bit of attention, like having fun, and/or your real boo-boo smarts to such a degree you wish to convey that pain in a conceivable visual manner, then Boo-Boos are suitable for you! Below is a sampling of 2 of the 5 sickening designs. This is a limited run available only through this project and there's 25 days left to go. One of Forlee’s other noteable projects include the Anti-Theft Lunch Bag sure to keep those communal fridge fiends at bay.

Salem Season 2 Posters

The posters for Salem, Season 2 are sinister, eerie, and downright breathtaking. Having been raised Catholic, upside down crosses always make me uneasy, but the poster with the upside down village is practically nauseating. Salem, Season 1 was uneven but still one of the best genre shows on tv – and it was actually scary not depressing (ahem, American Horror Story ). Looking forward to more witchy horror on April 5th on WGN.

After the Storm

Typically, I stay away from posting personal anecdotes so look away if you must. The Halloween community is quite supportive of one another and I would bet a severed limb that fellow bloggers and readers do notice when things go too quiet on a blog front. The truest horror is not serial killers, malevolent entities, or even evil aliens. It's real life problems that take you away from the things you love, like Halloween, watching horror movies, and writing about scary things. Last year, life threw me a curve ball in the form of unemployment – first time ever in my life I'd been without a job. After 13 years at a company, a new boss stepped in and decided that they didn't need our marketing team. Without ever meeting us, we got the boot with very little notice, no gratitude for our years of service, and absolutely no severance. It was a shock. After struggling for almost six months, juggling mortgage payments and bills, interviewing everywhere and anywhere, and tak