After the Storm

Typically, I stay away from posting personal anecdotes so look away if you must. The Halloween community is quite supportive of one another and I would bet a severed limb that fellow bloggers and readers do notice when things go too quiet on a blog front.

The truest horror is not serial killers, malevolent entities, or even evil aliens. It's real life problems that take you away from the things you love, like Halloween, watching horror movies, and writing about scary things. Last year, life threw me a curve ball in the form of unemployment – first time ever in my life I'd been without a job. After 13 years at a company, a new boss stepped in and decided that they didn't need our marketing team. Without ever meeting us, we got the boot with very little notice, no gratitude for our years of service, and absolutely no severance. It was a shock.

After struggling for almost six months, juggling mortgage payments and bills, interviewing everywhere and anywhere, and taking odd jobs, things looked really bleak. But then I got a great Christmas present: a fun job in a college marketing department! Over the last 8 weeks I've worked hard, met some great people, and have been having a lot of fun – at work!!  Who could know?!? I finally found the perfect place for me. I even got to spend an evening with one of my idols, Anderson Cooper (the selfie was his idea, really). Looking back, moving on was just what I needed.

After the storm, I'm slowly regaining a state of equilibrium, reassessing my social media, Halloween sites, and blog – and hopefully keeping my scary shenanigans afloat in some form or another. The blog may transition to an occasional or even a seasonal blog (although there are so many scary things to talk about all year long). If you have no aversion to social media, please like MyScaryHalloween's Facebook page
which does get frequent posts.

Here's to a bright, and horribly scary future!

Jerry Diego


  1. I love personal anecdotes. We're all people, not a bunch of masks and laced candy corn.

    I'm thrilled you found a job that you love. That's the best part of all because a happy you leads to scary posts which is great for your readers :)

    1. Thank you for the great perspective, and endless encouragement! It truly appreciate it.

  2. Glad to hear you're getting back on your feet!

    1. Thank you ShellHawk. By the way, I took one of my ShellHawk original creations to decorate my office! I'm starting to be known as "That Halloween Guy."


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