Boo-Boos Bandages

If you are the kind of person who likes display open flesh wounds for fun – and who doesn’t? – this is for you! A brilliant mad scientist (engineer, actually) from Oakland, CA named $hërwøõd Förlêé has a Kickstarter campaign for Boo-Boos Bandages. While it sounds cute, the adhesive bandages are sure to turn any stomach with seriously grotesque and highly graphic bandages to cover up those pesky paper cuts and dull knife kitchen stabbings that happen when making nachos. So why would anyone wear these?
If you don't mind a bit of attention, like having fun, and/or your real boo-boo smarts to such a degree you wish to convey that pain in a conceivable visual manner, then Boo-Boos are suitable for you!
Below is a sampling of 2 of the 5 sickening designs. This is a limited run available only through this project and there's 25 days left to go.

One of Forlee’s other noteable projects include the Anti-Theft Lunch Bag sure to keep those communal fridge fiends at bay. Sadly these are forever out-of-stock on his website, where you can also check out some of his other inventive projects, novelties, and hilarious concepts.