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10 Notable LGBT Scary Movies

End the landmark week with a notable LGBT horror movie. As usual, my scary movie recommendations range a broad spectrum of sub-genres, some freaky, some cheeky, some new, some old, and some downright foreign. Let's also agree that while LGBT depictions in scary movies historically have been less than favorable, some films do manage to steer clear of mean-spirited offensiveness. It's understood that you can't please everyone. Here's a quick list of notable LGBT Scary Movies: 10. Stage Fright This campy film is probably the first gay horror musical. Set in a summer theater camp, a blood-thirsty killer is picking off anyone involved in the big musical production. It's way over the top, ridiculous, and hilariously entertaining. 9. Hellbent Marketed as the first gay horror flick, this slasher film gives equal opportunity to ditzy males eager to show their P&A (pecs & ass). It never quite escapes its low budget thriller status, but it's moody, bloody, a

Insidious: Chapter 3: Review

The Insidious franchise has always felt a little old-fashioned: from the practical effects, to the unhurried pace, to the utmost reliance on atmosphere, lighting and sound effects. Insidious: Chapter 3 is a new story built as a prequel to the first two installments with previous director James Wan stepping down and actor Leigh Whannell (one of the Spectral Sightings goofballs) taking over the reigns. The heart and soul of the franchise remains mostly intact, but the first time director struggles with a plodding and clumsy execution. Gone are the clever shots and shocks milked to maximum effect, and instead beats last a little too long, the reveals are often mistimed, and the uneven script is left rather exposed. But then the most wonderful thing happens: actress Lin Shaye shows up and saves the film with a harrowing and resonant performance. Shaye plays Elise Rainier who is a psychic force to be reckoned with in the subsequent films, but here we see her brittle and defeated start