Paranormal Witness is Back!

It has been a very long wait for Season 4 of SyFy's hit show Paranormal Witness, which last aired new episodes waaaaaaaay back in November 2013. Why was there such a lag in getting this on air when they seem to have no problem throwing up a Sharknado sequel every six months? I worry that there were production problems or a change of showrunner, and as scary show disciples know, when shows come back after a long hiatus, it's never quite the same (ahem, A Haunting, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, School Spirits – oh wait, those last two never came back).

Meanwhile, over on LMN (or Lifetime as it us to be/is called), My Haunted House has been having one hell of a fine third season – even with almost no advertising, discernible website, or social media presence to connect with an audience! Did you know there was a season 2? I think I missed the whole thing. Thank you my DVR that does not auto-record anything like it's supposed to.

And if none of that was creepy enough, LMN's new show I Was Possessed is either the most disturbing display of mental illness OR a rare glimpse at a demonic intervention. It really depends on your religious leanings and willingness to suspend your disbelief.