Personalized Tombstones

Attention Home Haunters: If you have limited time, hate crafting or are just generally unskilled, you can now order a PERSONALIZED gravestone from Fright Props! Say "NO" those cheap gravestones from Walgreens (which I secretly love) and treat yourself. Find them on the Fright Props site, who is offering them through a special partnership Tombstone Factory (to make things cheaper to ship!).

If you aren't familiar with Tombstone Factory, bookmark them now. Not only are they some of the best carvers in the business, they also make other creepy props (haunted dolls, coffin bookcases, and more) and are patriotically billed as "For Haunters by Haunters Built In the USA." One of my favorite parts of their site is their how-to blog, Tombstone Factory: We Dream in Halloween, makes even the novice prop builder (like me) confident to build these cool things!