Autumn Arrives Today! Celebrate Mabon!

Aaaahhhhh finally – Autumn arrives today with cooler weather and darker nights. And the best part is that pumpkins are sprouting up everywhere! 

It's also the pagan holiday of Mabon, a harvest festival that encourages pagans to reap what they sow, express gratitude, complete projects, and honor a moment of balance. It's also a time to celebrate successes but also a time to reflect on those things that did not come to fruition.

According to a story on the Huffington Post, here are six ways to celebrate Mabon:

1. Create an altar with apples, leaves, corn, pomegranates – and gardening tools – along with an orange or yellow candle to give thanks.

2. Ask for blessings from the Earth Mother Goddess and/or ask the Green Man to bless your harvest.

3. Do apple magic by slicing an apple in half and looking for the pentagram inside. 

4. Listen to music.

5. Mediate on balance, reflect on how to handle stress, and how to manage your and other people's emotions. 

6. Pray for peace and stability – including climate stability (which is really needed in Northern California).

Like many Halloween haunters, this comes at an especially needed time since I start running behind schedule, stressing out, and not enjoying every minute of our favorite time of year. I've dedicated actual time – it's on my calendar with alerts and everything – to enjoy the season. What do you do to remind yourself to live in the moment?