Monday, September 14, 2015

Martha Stewart's 2015 Halloween Issue Signals the End of Era

Martha Stewart's 2015 Halloween issue features a hideous miniature troll on the cover. Shudder! It's on newsstands now though I haven't seen it yet. I'm guessing it's another repackaged issue with little or no new content, but the headlines on the cover are troubling: "for all ages", "kooky", "amazing". Shockingly, this is the first year the cover doesn't feature Martha in an original costume. 

This is probably due to Meredith Corp. taking over the publishing rights to Martha's magazines, and clearly signals a turn to the softer family fare they produce. Gasp! Will Martha's Halloween ever be the same again? Probably not. It's disappointing but Martha's dark empire is fading faster than a vampire in sunlight. Even the meager Halloween lines at Michaels and Joann's were straight reruns of previous years and will likely be retired. 

It's been a great run for Martha's elegant and ghastly Halloween, and I've personally cherished every minute. It's the end of era, but there's one fantastic book, many special issues, a couple of fun TV specials, and lots of gruesome ideas that will live on in our bloody hearts (and Pinterest). Hail Martha! The Dark Queen of Halloween!

UPDATE: I've found a copy of this and I can confirm its repackaged content. The publisher clearly struggled to collect the "cutest" pictures from previous issues but Martha's dark whimsy is still in the background. I'm not sure their intended new audience will love what's inside, and the rest of us are bored to tears. It's also a very costumes-heavy issue and one wonders why they didn't just fully commit to the theme. If you're going to repackage this year after year, why not collect content in thematic volumes: Halloween Decorating, Halloween Entertaining, Halloween Costumes, Halloween for Kids. These people clearly don't understand true Halloween fans.