Eerie Elegance's Day of the Dead

Eerie Elegance with Britta, Webmistress of the Dark at the helm has done it again! She and her team have created one of the best Day of the Dead displays I've ever seen, drawing inspiration from the 2014 animated film The Book of Life. If you live in the Bay Area you still have a few opportunities to catch the "live" Mariachis de Muerte band as they play and tell you original stories of their ancestors. The animatronics used to bring this skeleton crew to life rivals what you've see at Disneyland considering this a group of passionate home haunters. Simply stunning!

For more information visit Eerie Elegance's Day of the Dead page. For those who live outside of the area, a video and full posts are coming soon! For more information on how this spectacle was created like Eerie Elegance on Facebook, or follow the in-depth blog Britta Blvd.