Halloween Home Haunters Check In

With just over a week until Halloween, it’s time to check in and find out if you are:

  • EXCITED (Halloween is going to be epic!) 
  • FATIGUED (So over this year. 2016 will be way better.)
  • ANXIOUS (I will never finish anything in time!!!!)
  • GUILTY (How did I buy so much stuff?)

We at MyScaryHalloween.com want to reassure you that it will all turn out awesomely frightful and fun. Now go relax with a horror movie, some pumpkin cider, and a handful of Kit Kats from the candy bowl – we won't tell if you don't.


  1. Anxious about the weather. Paper lanterns can't go out if it's raining.

  2. Excited! I <3 Halloween!! :)


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