Scary Movies for October 2015

October is the month of scary movies and between mainstream theater releases and VOD, there's much to choose from. Here's our guide to the the movies that look promising and the ones that you should probably avoid like homemade candy from that stern old lady on the hill.

From New Zealand comes this heavy metal horror splatterfest about two boys who accidentally summon a demon. It premiered at South by Southwest this year to great reviews from hardcore horror enthusiasts who call it ridiculous fun. Available now on VOD and select theaters.

Knock Knock
Eli Roth goes mainstream with this quasi-home invasion/sexy seduction movie starring Keanu Reeves. Wide release on October 6.

Tales of Halloween
This anthology features 10 tales from the top indie-horror directors in the business. Early reviews are calling it "kick-ass", "a treat", "gorgeous", and "a blast" and a nice follow-up to Trick 'r Treat. Look for it in limited release, VOD, and iTunes on October 16.

The classic R.L. Stein book series finally gets the major screen treatment starring Jack Black in this fun for the whole family adventure. Interestingly, Tim Burton was attached to this way back in 1998 but the production never got off the ground. It opens wide on October 16.

Crimson Peak
Guillermo Del Toro returns to the horror genre with an original gothic love story. Del Toro has said that this is not a "horror" film and yet the marketing is pushing this as the scary event for Halloween. Approach with moderate expectations and hope it's at least a great tale. Enter the house of horror on October 16.

Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension
The poster claims it all ends here. The trailer says every secret will be revealed and that for the first time you will SEE all the activity. Sounds desperate. Considering this particular sequel has been woefully under-marketed (they didn't bother to put together an advance poster or teaser trailer) and being released almost exclusively in 3D, it sounds like a cash grab. It opens October 23 (and likely closes on October 26).

Fathom Events brings the original John Carpenter classic Halloween back to the big screen for one night only on October 29. Nothing beats seeing classic movies on the big screen with an audience!

The Last Witch Hunter
Vin Diesel stars in this heavy CGI supernatural action flick about an immortal witch hunter stopping a plague in NYC. The studio loves it so much they've already put a sequel on the fast track. It opens October 23.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
The trailers for this horror comedy look hilarious and this seems to be the studio's biggest bet for Halloween weekend. The mayhem ensues on October 30.


  1. OOPS! Deleted comment from Ellisson Watson:

    Wait, showing the demon is considered a good idea? Why? It will be a disappointment no matter what, after so many movies people surely will have their own idea of what the damn thing is, and what will be in the movie won't match. I have no desire to see the Ghost Dimension, but I hope it ends up being one of the better movies in the franchise (base don the CG I saw in the trailers, I highly doubt it). I wish they would have continued the Marked Ones.


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