Undead Teds Go Peek-a-Boo

English artist Phillip Blackman is the creator of the original UndeadTeds. He finds cute teddy bears and adds ghastly elements to scrub away the precious and create a unique zombie creation.

Launched in 2013, it has been a booming business and it's fueled via social media. Every couple of weeks, he alerts fans via social media and site that a new batch will be released, and minutes after going on sale are sold out! I know because I've been trying to get one since 2013.

His latest creation is an animated edition that is quite gruesome (and not for the squeamish). Take a look at the Peek-a-Boo Edition below.

Want one? Read the Buyer's Guide, sign up for the newsletter, follow UndeadTeds on Facebook, and cross your fingers.



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