Krampus is coming!

Christmas is getting a terrifying makeover with the new movie KRAMPUS, directed by Michael Dougherty (creator of the cult classic Trick 'r Treat). Surprisingly this is the first major film featuring the hairy, cloven-hoofed creature with goat horns that hails from Alpine folklore. According to the legend, Krampus travels along with Santa Claus to punish the bad children who he whips, or stuffs into a bag and takes back to the underworld to eat. Will this be the next cult holiday film? Find out this Friday, December 4, and visit the Krampus Tumbler page for some great e-cards.

"The Feast of St. Nicholas" celebrated throughout Europe on December 6 is often proceeded by "Krampus Night" on December 5 where people dressed as the scary creature run amuck on the streets. It's actually been banned by many cities because the merriment often turns to havoc! For more info on regional events, info, videos, and links visit


  1. Saw one of these festivals as a younger man in Germany, it was very surreal. Really looking forward to the movie Friday!


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