Department 56 ~ Halloween 2016 Introductions

Since being bought by Enesco in 2009, Department 56, the manufacturer of fine collectibles that includes a wicked Halloween village, has gone through a striking evolution leaving behind much of its niche antiquity. Their website which felt like it was trapped in the early 90s for the better part of two decades relaunched in April 2015 with a modern overhaul aimed at a sophisticated (and younger) audience. Suddenly the site is airy, responsive, and their once hard-to-find merchandise is sold directly to the public (to the chagrin of many third party sellers).

Their 2016 Halloween Introductions have a decidedly updated air as well. The folksy and cutesy elements have been replaced with a more mischievous (creepy candy house), humorous (a plump black widow), and even scary tone (skull tree and angel of death). Take a look at some of my favorite pieces this year:


Goth Gardener said…
Very nice. My local Christmas shop carries Department 56 items and Halloween merchandise takes over the shop from August through October. It's nice to see everything on display. These that you featured are quite nice.