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Vincent Price at Tee Villain

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The Conjuring 2 ~ Review

If one word could be used to describe The Conjuring 2  it would be a-harrowing-ordeal. It is unrelenting, surprisingly moving and a fascinating portrait of a family in peril with the famous demonologist and psychic Ed and Lorraine Warren at the center. Like its predecessor, this movie is incredibly well cast and written with enough jump scares to satisfy causal audiences and disturbing images to cause even seasoned horror fans nightmares. After apparently swearing off horror movies, James Wan is back behind the director's chair for Conjuring 2 . He's brought his arsenal of tricks with him – quick reveal cuts, artful framing, topsy-turvy camera swings, and those prolonged pauses on darkness where the audience strains to see something in the pitch black. What he doesn't bring is anything new. By now, audiences can anticipate his next move and the overly familiar plot doesn't help matters. However, he compensates by changing the timing of the scares. They're never w

Outcast ~ Pilot Review

I'll admit that Cinemax's new series, Outcast snuck up on me. I knew it was based on a comic book from Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead , but did not realize that it was a bonafied horror show. The story is set in a small town in West Virginia under attack by demonic forces. At the center is a loner (Patrick Fugit) who seems to be connected to the mysterious possessions, and a reverend (Philip Glenister) who helped him as a child. The casting is spot on to the comic book, and the pilot which follows the source material almost frame by frame is genuinely creepy, dark, and expertly directed by Adam Wingard (the up-and-coming horror director who helmed You're Next, The Guest , and the upcoming The Woods ). And even though the protagonist is brooding and the surroundings are bleak, the pilot moves along swiftly and is action-packed. Being on paid cable, they definitely aren't holding back on the gore, supernatural elements, or the unpleasant abuse of you