Dog Days of Summer Reads

August is the last, long, hot crawl through summer and into our favorite season: Autumn! How to pass the time? Reading of course! Here's a few recommendations for getting through the rest of the summer and into the golden pumpkin spice days ahead.

Grady Hendrix's novel My Best Friend's Exorcism is a funny, nostalgic trip through the 80s with real heart. The premise follows two young girls from 10th grade through the perils of high school when one of them is seemingly possessed by a demon. It doesn't add much to the supernatural genre but as an American satire of friendship and puberty it was certainly entertaining. It's totally awesome.

Loved the Ghostbusters reboot? For those lucky few in the front row, the book Ghosts from our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively featured prominently in the movies was actually printed and a fantastic souvenir/tie-in book. It has great illustrations, hilarious lists of ghosts phenomenon, and what may be some real research on the paranormal. Probably not – who knows or cares, but it's incredibly entertaining and written from the perspective of the two characters from the movie, Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates. By the way, order the UK version which is hardcover and about $2.50 more than the cheaper U.S. paperback (available on Amazon).

While we're all familiar with the stories of the Brothers Grimm, I'ver never actually read any of them. Thankfully, the new collection Gris Grimly's Tales from the Brothers Grimm has arrived and this passion project from Gris Grimly is lovingly restored to it's uncut, grim form and filled with his whimsical and dark illustrations. Everything about this book from the gold foil insignia on the cover (under the dust jacket) to the smooth, deckled edge paper feels special. This is not be missed and will make a great addition to any haunted library.