Halloween at Target

Target finally put out their Halloween merchandise after what seemed like a back-to-school eternity. As usual they have very stylish stuff and while their offerings often overlap with Spirit Halloween, Target's designs are a touch more sophisticated. There's much more products online than in stores so keep a lookout for free shipping offers. Here are some of my favorite props:

Haunted TV
This years hard-to-find and extremely popular prop is this TV. Once activated a face appears on the screen and presses out though a pliable screen, reminiscent of the effect recently used on Stranger Things and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Haunted Eyeball Doorbell
This clever doorbell which appeared last year I think, reveals a glowing eye that looks around. Pretty clever animatronic for $10.

Spooky Clock
No haunted mantle is complete without a squawking, ornate clock. The clock lights up and a red-eyed crow (raven?) sticks it's head out.

Animated Crow in a Cage
This crow squawks, flaps it wings, and it's eye glow red. Impressive for such a little thing. (There's also a smaller version of this at Home Depot.)

Wolf Tombstone
Two of these would be grand on a column at the entrance of any haunted castle. They are quite fierce and oddly disquieting.

Halloween Tin Canisters 
These rusty old tin cans are from their premium online collection ($$$) but would look great in any apothecary scene. You always see bottles (they also have some good choices) but rarely cans. The $44 price tag is a bit much. Etsy to rescue?

Spirit Board Serving Tray
Everyone loves a good cheeseboard with their seance so why not combine the two? This spirit tray in incredibly well built and much nicer than the official Hasbro Ouija tray at Spirit Halloween.

Day of the Dead Wreath
The colorful Mexican holiday continues to be a theme in holiday decorating and Target has this vibrant wreath but I would suggest you not put on the front door. It's fairly light and made of what feels like felt so it probably couldn't withstand the slightest bit of weather.