AtmosFX Holiday Digital Decorating Kit ~ Review

Once you understand the basics of digital decorating, finding the best gear is the next challenge. For the average consumer AtmosFX's new Holiday Digital Decorating Kit will be a great and easy introduction to projectors. It offers the basics you'll need to get started but don't expect a lot of quality. At $189.99 it's fairly priced for all that you get, but keep in mind that another $100 would get you a much better projector. You'll need a dedicated window (or doorway) with about 13-15 foot clearance in front of the projector, and it will need to be dark. Here are some more thoughts on this product:

  • This kit has everything you need to get started for under $200: an LED projector, SD Card, tripod, and projection material along with a handful of projections to get you started. 
  • The projector is very lightweight, small, black (most projectors have white casings), and has an onboard player (you won't need a DVD player or other source although it does allow you to hook up several configurations). This is rare in projectors.
  • It includes a teeny tripod, but you can use any camera tripod so you can get a perfect height for your use. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically and possibly upside-down (but I couldn't figure out the projection settings).
  • It's meant to display a projection onto a window no bigger than 4' x 6' and the projection material is fantastic.
  • Downloading new projections from the website is super easy and can be copied onto the included SD Card. 

  • The LED projector is very dim. At 1500 lumens it's less than the 1800 lumens they recommend as a minimum for projecting their videos! This is why the kit is relatively cheap. Plan to display it in a very dark room. The unexpected upshot is that it has a very dark blacks. 
  • The player interface is confusing to set up with essential features like automatic repeat only existing on the remote (don't ever loose it!).
  • The image from the projector is not HD so you won't get a super crisp image or many layers of colors.
  • The LED bulb does not get very hot compared to halogen bulbs of more professional projectors, but it's also not replaceable. 
  • Overall quality does not seem like you could get more than 1 or 2 seasons from the unit.
  • The unit is rated only for indoor use and not weather resistant in any way. 
  • There are no detailed user instructions with the unit, the website provides little direction, and customer service does not return emails.
Once again, it should be stated that this product is meant to be an introductory package for consumers new to digital projections. Seasoned yard haunters will not get the bells and whistles they require like horizontal and vertical skewing, distance, HD images, or brightness. For the rest of us, this is a great start!