Clean Up with Halloween Soap

Who doesn't want to wash their hands with vampire blood? Bath and Body Works finally brought their wicked Vampire Blood hand soap to their stores this year in a pretty cool bottle. Don't worry, it's not scented like nickel and regret. It has a clean plum scent and even though it's red, will not stain everything pink. This joins their other Halloween scents which include Purrfect Pumpkin, Ghoul Friend (berry) and Web of Lies (apple/citrus).

However, if you want a great pumpkin scented hand soap and would rather not deal with mall parking lots, visit your neighborhood Target for the Method Pumpkin Clove hand soap. It's cheaper, has a classy bottle design, and the scent is like washing your hands with pumpkin pie – but not in a weird way. Ok. Maybe it's weird. But I find this soap much easier on the skin.

For a more sophisticated line of bar soaps, head over to Villainess Soaps. They carry one of the most unique lines of products including my favorite soap (for no particular reason) called BLOOD. It has a figgy-winey scent and is deep crimson red like dried blood. It feels much more natural and does leave a bit of mess, thanks to the iron oxide pigments used. AWESOME, I know.