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The Ring vs. The Grudge!?

What started as an April fool’s joke is now – and inexplicably – a real movie. Straight from Japan is SADAKO VS. KAYAKO where the malevolent ghosts from THE RING and the THE GRUDGE face off for the soul of an unfortunate victim. Sounds incredible, right? Find out tonight during its U.S. premiere, exclusively on .

Beware the Slenderman

Premiering tonight on HBO is the documentary BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN about two girls who attempted to murder a friend as an offering the fictional monster. Set the DVR to creepy.

Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday

To celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday this week, I recommend watching Extraordinary Tales , an animated anthology of five stories featuring the voice work of Christopher Lee, Guillermo del Toro, Julian Sands, Roger Corman, and the one and only Bella Lugosi (via a 1940s recording of the story complete with scratches). The drawing style (computer generated, hand drawn, etc.) varies from segment to segment, and was affectionately directed by Raul Garcia, an animator at Disney who worked on T he Lion King , Aladdin , and  Who Framed Roger Rabbit . The film was released in 2013 abroad and made it's U.S. debut in October 2015. Poe’s work is as resonant as ever and animation frees it to capture the dark tones and dreadful atmosphere in a way a live movie would find challenging. Do note this is not an animated story for the kiddies. Beyond the dark and deadly material, one segment fleetingly features nudity and bacchanalia. (Streaming on Netflix.) Edgar Allan Poe January 19,

Favorite Scary Movies of 2016

Any seasoned horror fan knows exactly what to expect from a horror movie. From the run and stumble to the bathroom cabinet mirror gag to the suddenly malfunctioning flashlight when descending into the basement. Been there, done that. It's so refreshing when horror movies come along that eschew the standard tropes. We are in a horror renaissance, and 2016 brought a slew of movies that feature unique voices, distinct visions, and new cultures to explore. Below are my Favorite Scary Movies of 2016: Art by Matt Robot 1. The Witch Nothing this year comes close to the raw, diabolical experience of this film. From the period details to the undecipherable English to the slow, bleak tone, the director makes some seriously bold choices. And just when you think the film has reached a crescendo, there is one of the most chilling and deeply disturbing finales I've seen. 2. Train to Busan The overdone zombie genre gets a shot in the heart from South Korea. An estranged father and

Department 56's Nightmare Before Christmas Village

Fans of Halloween villages or Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas take note: Introduced today are three buildings and figures from Department 56 . This is now the third edition of this village (following Disney's retired village and Bradford Exchange 's odd blacklight village) but coming from Dpeartment 56, the quality is sure to be superior. Each set of one figure and building is priced at $119 and will be available June 25, 2017. Order early since these kinds of products sell out well ahead of Halloween. Happy Friday the 13th!!

Under The Shadow: Now on Netflix!

One of the best movies of 2016, UNDER THE SHADOW is now available on Netflix streaming – a must watch! Also on Netflix, Morgan Spurlock's disturbing and "horrified" documentary, RATS – definitely not for the squeamish.