The Home Depot Wins Halloween, Again

The Home Depot stepped into the Halloween arena last year with a fantastic selection of Halloween decor. Who can forget last year's full-size skeleton horse? They have once again out done themselves for 2017. Giant dinosaurs! Giant spiders and bugs! Dragons!  Okay – some of these are rightfully debatable inflatables BUT they seem to be moving in the right direction. With some good lighting (not what's inside them) and dressing you might have something very scary. Visit and have these giant things shipped free to the store (for you to pick-up) and get free shipping on other orders of $45 or more.

8-foot T-Rex and Baby T-Rex
10-foot Preying Mantis
9-foot Posable Spider

11-foot Two Headed Dragon

16-foot Colossal Serpent
Rat Chewing Zombie Head
Spider Phone

Screamy Fortune Teller Tombstone?!