The Mist ~ Review

The crap heap that was Spike TV’s adaption of The Mist has ended and now I am free. Like many diehard Stephen King fans, I tuned in week after week hoping that something – anything – would happen that would redeem this series or at least steer it back the master work of dread and mystery. King’s story unveiled monstrous possibilities of what a rip in our dimension would be like as other worlds seeped into ours. It also showed that the worst monsters are greedy, crazy humans.

The TV show sidestepped most of this in favor of soapy storylines (he’s not your father!) and big ideas with no real substance (rape, homophobia, religion, police, parents, nature are, like, all super BAD and stuff!). Then they sort of played up the secret government conspiracy angle, dropped it for most of the season, picking it up in the last hour with no reveal. Interesting ideas of a “black spring” and Mrs. Raven’s communion with nature were also dropped in the last hour (Frances Conroy deserves much better than this). Everything that we had seen was rendered pointless and like much of LOST’s run, the writers thought the allure of intrigue was far superior to actual good storytelling.

It didn’t help that characters were all annoying and unlikable with charisma and depth of week-old honeydew melon chunks. The poor actors were left to fend for themselves with awkward lines, no motivation, and burdened with the writers’ deep commitment nonsensical leaps of logic (they’re feeding the mist!). With no one to root for and a shapeless mist, the viewer just waited around for an action sequences which were few and entirely unsatisfying.

The biggest blunder, of course, was having no monsters. Did the writers really think they could improve this part of the original story? Instead we get an apparently sentient mist that judges you (but in the end, it doesn’t really), makes dead loves ones appear to torture you psychologically (but really just wants to suck out your juices), and may have a central giant figure (but that was never developed after the first sighting). Seriously, WTF!?! The writers manage to brilliantly frustrate viewers and alienate all King fans. Do yourself a favor and read the story or watch the brilliant movie adaptation. Avoid this altogether.

(Note: The show deserves an "F" but I just can't do that to Frances Conroy who was the single compelling aspect about this show.)