Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Snap Judgement ~ American Horror Story CULT

American Horror Story: Cult is an extremely unsavory, cynical and pointless political satire rehash – and the first time in the history of the series that I’ve completely checked out 20 minutes in. The wonderful Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters where both made incredibly unlikeable caricatures, the clown thing was so uninspired considering a true scary clown (Stephen King's IT) is coming to theaters in the same week, Twisty's appearance was the ultimate bait-and-switch, and of course, we got to relive the 2016 election night. Again. America is rich with actual horror stories and even "cult" stories that seem more compelling for a horror series that this political posturing and absolute nihilism. Don't we get enough of that? Is it too much to ask to escape the terrible realities of every day life for one hour, be entertained and maybe even scared? Like every single other Ryan Murphy project (Nip/Tuck, Glee, Scream Queens), well into the run of the series (now in it's seventh year) the show has completely lost it's way. If anyone out there loved the premiere, why?


  1. I agree completely. I want to escape all of the news and politics. I don't want it to infiltrate my Halloween space. I love this time of year and the scary movies and shows that come this time of year. Don't we have enough things around that can make us unhappy? I love being scared by.a movie and feeliing like a kid again with my Halloween entertainment. Keep political junk to the 24/7 news channels and keep Halloween pure and scary and entertaining. PS I love looking at your Village pics each year to inspire me to get moving on mine. Thanks for keeping Halloween fun!

  2. I am still mad about this. I feel absolutely hoodwinked, betrayed, taken advantage of. I can't imagine hearing the pitch for this show and not saying Are you f'ing kidding me?!? Let alone saying yes. I hate them. I began to hate them last season, but I'm am full on red ass hating them now.