A Ghost Story ~ Review

Some scary movies wash over you quietly like a midnight fog. A Ghost Story is not a bonafide horror movie but its ambitious story is most definitely supernatural. It also happens to be completely original and often challenging head trip that defies modern storytelling. It will divide audiences especially anyone seeking a traditional horror movie rather than an arthouse contemplation on the afterlife and the futility of time. It is also deeply affecting and genuinely melancholy and proudly sentimental. And there's a now infamous overly-long pie eating scene that features Rooney Mara (and I beg you to get past it). Beyond these stumbling blocks lies a unique wordless performance from Oscar-winning Casey Affleck, fleeting moments of tense terror that are incredibly effective, and an aural soundtrack that is a character all of its own. It's a strange, conceptual film and a treasure for fans of movies that stray far from the norm.