Noche de los Muertos ~ preview

For my yard haunt last year I staged a vibrant, colorful Dia de los Muertos display. Earlier this year I decided to re-run the entire display but soon afterwards the thought of all that pink and pastel cheeriness gave me nightmares. So I am giving the display a makeover!

"Dia de los Muertos" is Spanish for day of the dead so I've been creating a "Noche de los Muertos" or night of the dead remix. Taking a cue from The Book of Life's Land of the Forgotten, everything is darker, murky, and even a bit spookier. The candy colored gravestones are now gray and weathered dripping with black goo, pumpkins are rotting and sinister, the flowers are decaying and brown, and the skeletons have a more decomposed appearance.

The woman is now named "Pecadora" (or sinner) and she is in a tattered, burnt dress that suggests a less than easy trip to hell. She has slimy organs (yes, a skeleton with organs) including a bloodied heart, drippy tongue, and her chin has broken off.

The man is "Malvado" (or wicked) and he is hell's hipster in a tattered black shirt. He holds one of his eyes in his hands ensuring he sees every moment of his torment.

We'll see how this all comes together in the next 10 days. (Trying not to panic.)